Frequently Asked Questions

How much are these coolers?

As with any custom item, pricing varies depending on what you desire. If you are not looking for a themed piece, you can easily choose one of our "standard" base models. These are the foundations on which all the themed coolers are based and are absolutely stunning in their own right. They include all necessary hardware and are finished with a hand-rubbed Australian Timber Oil that is easy to maintain. For themed pieces, pricing begins with the "standard" base model prices and is adjusted according to the level of customization involved. You can always dress up your cooler yourself after purchase!

What themes do you offer?

You are limited only by your imagination. Everything from sporting, hobbies, interests, professions etc. can typically be accommodated. In short, your cooler can be a reflection of your personality and interests.

Can I include my last name or other design on my cooler?

Yes. We offer laser engraving which is a great way to add your family name or anything else you wish on the lid or face frame. If you have a particular font preference we can accommodate that as well. All engravings are done on hard maple wood, completed with custom routed edges.

Do you use any other wood besides cedar?

Only cedar wood is used in the construction due to its resilience to mother nature. However, there may be applications where we may employ hard maple where appropriate.

Can I leave my cooler outside?

Cedar is inherently rot and insect resistant and will last for many, many years. Please keep in mind that care should still be taken to protect any chosen finish and custom accessories. Therefore, we highly recommend using a suitable cover.  If you are like some of our customers and purchasing a cooler for the inside man-cave, you will have virtually no maintenance beyond cleaning the inside of the cooler after use.

Can I bring my cooler inside?

Absolutely! These coolers are great indoors and are perfect for the big games, family gatherings and holiday dinners. Say goodbye to clogging up the fridge with beverages or keeping them outside. Serve your guests from one of our coolers and sit back and accept the compliments! Did we mention all of our coolers have hidden caster wheels? 

How do I care for the finish?

Instructions are included with each cooler depending on the finish selected. Regardless of what you choose, care and maintenance is quite easy! If you will be leaving your cooler outside exposed directly to the elements, it is recommended that you purchase an outdoor furniture cover. This is simply to protect the finish and reduce the need for any maintenance (not unlike keeping a car in the garage...less need to wash and wax!). The cedar wood itself will stand up just fine to mother nature.  

Can I remove the actual cooler?

Your cooler is encased in the cedar frame for a perfect fit! Cleaning and upkeep is as simple as using mild soap and water to wipe down the inside when needed. While it is not constructed to be removable, it is possible in the highly unlikely event such a thing is needed. 

Can I order for the holidays?

If you are looking to gift a cooler for the holidays please order early. Production runs from April through mid-November (weather permitting). At this time, all coolers must be picked up upon completion.

How long does it take to build?

Upon finalization of your design, lead time is generally 2-4 weeks (sometimes faster!).  Please plan accordingly for Father's Day and other holidays as builds are done in order of receipt.

Do you offer shipping?

Due to the size and weight of these coolers, freight service is VERY costly and requires lift-gate delivery. At this time, we are NOT offering shipping and serve the Long Island area.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, all major credit cards are gladly accepted!